How to Make a Pumpkin Totem Pole for Halloween

The Halloween day is approaching soon and we are sure that you all are ready to make preparation for the grand day. Well, proper decoration of the party venue on the Halloween day is very important and in most of the times you need to start the preparation in advance so that the venue looks perfect and carry the true momentum of the Halloween day. Searching online will give you the scope to know about the ideas which you can implement for the decoration of the venue. Pumpkin carving decoration is one of the most activities on the Halloween day. In case this is going to be the very first Halloween day for you and your family then we are going to share with you idea of making Pumpkin Totem Pole for Halloween.

Pumpkin Totem Pole
Pumpkin carving design ideas 2018

Presenting the idea of making Pumpkin Totem Pole for Halloween
If you look out for some fancy ideas to craft the pumpkin carving designs for Halloween, here are some useful tips for you. You will definitely like to get in touch with these jack o lanterns. The totems are easy to make and when you know it well, you will be able to make them at home.

First of all, you need to cut the jigsaw designs in the pumpkin. You need to hollow out the pumpkin and make a fairly large diameter at the top. This will help you to scoop out the interior materials.

  • You will have to remove the seeds and guts of the pumpkin and then remove the thick stem. You can use a 2-inch hold drill saw to make the hole at the top and remove the stem.
  • In case the pumpkin is thick, you will have to cut it manually. Then make a hole at the bottom as well, so that the pumpkins can be placed one above the other with a pole in the centre.
  • Now comes the most creative part. You can use a knife or drills to make the holes and designs in the pumpkin. You can even carve out words.
  • When you place the pumpkins, put the heavier ones at the bottom of the totem and this will help to keep the balance.
  • When all is ready, install the fence post lights to illuminate the totem. The pumpkins can be arranged on the ground in a pre-planned manner, or on the poles as a totem.

Well, you can be experimental with the looks of the totem and this will allow you to enjoy a good and customized look of the totem. You can use as many pumpkins as possible as long as the entire system remains steady and carve out new designs in the pumpkins. In case you have some more idea in your mind which you feel can be mixed well with our ideas then go for it. Let the whole world know about your creative brain. Make this Halloween the best every Halloween of your life by this awesome printable pumpkin carving stencils . Decorate the venue properly and enjoy the event.

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