Unique ways to Decorate a Halloween Pumpkin

Unusual ways to Decorate a Halloween Pumpkin : Halloween, we all know, is one of biggest and special celebration before Christmas. To celebrate this special occasion there are many ways and among them, decorating pumpkin has been proven to be one of the best.

Halloween Pumpkin ideas
Halloween Pumpkin ideas

If you are planning for arranging a gorgeous party during this festival, you must plan for a perfect decoration of the venue of the party.

Ways to decoration pumpkins for Halloween :

Decorating a pumpkin and pumpkin carving are some exclusive works which should be done nicely. Here we can take a look at 11 unusual ways to decorate pumpkins during Halloween.

1. Among various attractive shapes of pumpkins, the spiky shape can make it really cool and silly. Here you need to cut the top of the pumpkin and clean the inside properly. Three small holes are to be done for water draining.

2. Have you ever tried for glow in the dark pumpkins? If not then you can surely opt for this decoration. This can be started by carving designs on the pumpkins. More carving will create more glows.unique pumpkin decorations

3. Another beautiful way is to paint the paint the pumpkin at first and then special decoupage adhesive to be used. Then you can add glitters which will glow and will make the pumpkin awesome to look. This glittering pumpkin will make your festival really gorgeous.

4. While you are looking for a special and gorgeous Halloween then how can you forget to apply stained glass on pumpkins? This special technique is applied after you clean and carve the pumpkins.unique pumpkin decorations

5. Decorating a pumpkin with designs of sea beach can make your Halloween extremely special and attractive. This type of decoration is known as sandy beach pumpkins. Here a thin layer of decoupage adhesive is applied to look fresh.
unique pumpkin decorations
6. You can decorate the pumpkins with the naughty faces of your kids. Decorating silly faces of your kids will definitely make the pumpkins exclusively gorgeous.

7. Among various techniques of decorating a pumpkin, using sweet strings on the pumpkins will be another funny and nice idea. Here you can draw the outline like some ghosts etc and use a year to wrap these pictures.

8. While decorating a pumpkin you can paint the bottom of the pumpkins with neon yellow or with orange. This effect will make the pumpkins simply great.

9. Another special type of decoration is Ombre Topiary pumpkins. Here you need to use five colors and this can be used by spraying on the pumpkins. A spray of paint from darkest to the lightest will change the look of the pumpkins.

10. Have you thought to decorate a pumpkin like a spider web? If not yet, then you can think of it as this design is not so tough to do and make people happy during this Halloween.

11. Last but not the least; you can simply put a candle inside the pumpkin. During Halloween, this decoration will become just exclusive.

Hence, those above are some special ways to decorate and carving pumpkin faces to celebrate a Halloween with ultimate joy and happiness.

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